West End shootings linked: Police Chief

The two shootings that rocked Winnipeg’s West End this week, killing one teen and injuring three other children are linked after all, according to Winnipeg Police.

Chief Keith McCaskill appeared personally at the scheduled police news conference for a second day in a row to update the public on the investigation into the spree of gun violence.

Two men opened fire on a group of people sitting outside a home on Toronto Street Tuesday, killing 16 year old Kyle Earl and wounding a 13 year old boy. Another armed man pursued the attackers on foot and opened fire on Agnes Street; bullets struck two cars but no one was injured. Police said those shootings were likely gang related.

On Wednesday someone opened fire on a home on nearby Victor Street; two girls aged 8 and 10 were injured. Police arrested a 14 year old suspect in connection with that shooting but McCaskill told reporters Thursday the incident was not linked to the shooting on Toronto Street.

That story changed Friday when a 19 year old man was arrested: police say he had been present at the home that was shot up at 646 Toronto Street Tuesday, and is the one who chased and opened fire on the assailants. Police say the 19 year old also played some role in the Victor Street shooting the next day. McCaskill said the house where the little girls were hit was a backdrop to the shooting and not an intended target.

But in an indication, perhaps, of a neighbourhood gripped with fear of gangs and gun violence, a teenage girl living in the Victor Street house told Global News she feels she was targeted personally by the 14 year old boy arrested in connection with the shooting.


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