Sisters pursue leads in aunt’s 1962 murder

The four nieces of Alexandra Wiwcharuk, a Saskatoon nurse murdered in 1962, are back in Saskatoon trying to find their aunt’s killer and providing new evidence to police.

The four sisters — Patty Storie, Lorain Phillips, Lynn Gratrix and Gwen Taralson — arrived in Saskatoon this week for the 48th anniversary of the discovery of their aunt’s body.

The body of Wiwcharuk, a 23-year-old beauty queen, was discovered on May 31, 1962.

The sisters have spent years investigating the murder, and they often provide evidence and suspects to police.

"We’re on the right trail," Gratrix said. "We just have to keep on it."

Wiwcharuk was raped and murdered, and someone buried her body by a riverbank near the weir. Her skull was broken, her face was bludgeoned and her windpipe clogged with sand and dirt.

Just this week, a woman came forward and confirmed a story the sisters had heard two years ago, adding weight to an already plausible story, they say.

The story, told by two people who do not know each other, details events of the night Wiwcharuk was last seen, Phillips said.

"They told us who was down at the weir that evening, who they encountered and what vehicles were there," she said.

The sisters believe it’s the strongest lead they have at the moment.

"People are now not as afraid to talk about what happened back then," Taralson said.

From a list of 30 names, the sisters say they have whittled their suspects down to eight.

DNA evidence recently eliminated two suspects. As the list dwindles, the sisters believe the cases for the remaining names are strengthened.

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