Second ‘miraculous’ baby survives being hit by train

MELBOURNE – A baby escaped with cuts and bruises after being hit by a train Wednesday when his pushchair rolled off a Melbourne station platform, echoing an almost identical incident nearby last year.

CCTV footage shows the 15-month-old’s grandmother watching in horror as the pram slowly rolls off the platform and flips onto the tracks as a train pulls into Tooronga station, shunting it for several metres.

"It’s just the most miraculous circumstances that he is as uninjured as he is," said ambulance officer Kate Jessop.

It echoes October’s similar incident at a station just four kilometres away, when a six-month-old escaped with just a cut to the head after his pram rolled onto the tracks and was dragged by a train at Ashburton.

In the latest scare, paramedics said the double-pushchair started moving after the baby’s three-year-old brother climbed out when the grandmother’s back was turned.

"All she can recall is seeing the pram on the platform and then turned around and saw it on the track, so she’s had an incredible fright," Jessop said.

Jessop described it as "every paramedic’s worst nightmare", and said she was assuming the worst, with "awful pictures in my head of a child underneath the train".

"It would appear, amazingly, that it’s nothing more than a couple of grazes and a big fright," she said.

Melbourne operator Metro Trains said the driver in Wednesday’s incident slowed as he approached the platform but could not stop in time to avoid the baby.

"We know the driver pulled up … but it was extremely close," a Metro Trains spokesman said. "(There were) minor injuries to the baby involved and (it was) a shocking incident for all who witnessed it."


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