HST petition reaches referendum target

With just six weeks to go for those campaigning against the BC Harmonized Sales Tax, organizers are claiming an early victory, with 83 of 85 ridings reporting at least 10% signature threshold.

Elections BC requires 10% of the population sign petition to trigger a referendum.

Fight HST organizers believe they’ll reach 15% in all ridings by the second week of June.

“There is nothing more to wait for,” says Fight HST lead organizers Chris Delaney. “There is no need for a referendum, no need for more delays and wasting of taxpayers’ time and money. The petition has become a referendum.”

Delaney says the petition’s success makes it clear British Columbians don’t want the HST.

Fight HST leader Bill Vander Zalm wants the BC government to cancel the HST immediately.

“The people of BC are waiting for you to act on their behalf,” says Vander Zalm. “Failure to do so will result in you becoming the first premier in Canadian history to be fired by the people in a Recall.”

Vander Zalm was BC Premier from 1986 to 1991, but was forced to resign for conflict of interest.

The anti-HST petition will be submitted on July 5 to Elections BC, which will have 42 days to check the petition.

Once the petition is validated, Fight HST hopes the legislature will reconvene in September to vote on the bill to repeal the HST.

Vander Zalm says if the BC government votes it down or tries to play games by delaying it or going to a costly and time wasting referendum, then his organization will immediately begin recalls in selected ridings.


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