‘Facebook creep’ border guard may not be off payroll

A B.C. border guard who used passport details to hit on women through Facebook is no longer on duty, according to the Canada Border Services Agency.

But the CBSA refuses to say if he’s still receiving a paycheque.

On Wednesday, The Vancouver Sun reported the details of an internal CBSA investigation which found that "on numerous occasions" a border guard e-mailed himself the names and photographs of attractive women so he could hit on them later on Facebook.

The behaviour came to light only after a married woman complained to the CBSA that the guard tried to contact her through Facebook just hours after she came through his inspection line.

"I don’t mean to creep you out," the guard wrote the woman on Facebook. "I met you and thought you were stunning and if you are the person I think you are we kinda shared a chemistry. I thought it might be worth a shot to see if I could find you, but I can’t just come out and tell you where or when because if you object to me befriending you I could get into trouble."

The CBSA did not respond to The Sun’s questions about the guard by the paper’s deadline on Tuesday.

However, CBSA spokeswoman Hannah Mahoney has since emailed The Sun a statement that "behaviour of this nature is clearly inappropriate" and that "the border services officer in question is no longer performing his duties, pending the outcome of the investigation."

The Sun asked Mahoney to clarify if that meant the guard had been suspended — and, if so, whether the suspension is with or without pay.

Mahoney refused to say, stating in a second e-mail: "The Privacy Act prevents me from speaking to any further details about this situation".

The CBSA’s statement said it doesn’t hesitate to take disciplinary measures against misbehaving staff, "up to and including termination of employment".

But when The Sun asked if it would let it know when, or if, the guard is terminated, the CBSA once again refused to comment.

"The CBSA must follow due process in any investigation," Mahoney wrote in her e-mail. "As the process is not yet complete, it would be inappropriate to speculate on outcomes."

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