DNA of murdered women found on Langley man’s car, shoes

METRO VANCOUVER — The DNA of two murdered sex-trade workers was found in Davey Butorac’s car and on his shoes, the Crown said in its opening address to the jury.

Butorac’s murder trial began Wednesday in New Westminster Supreme Court before a jury of six men and six women.

Butorac, 31, of Langley, was arrested in January 2008 and charged with second-degree murder in the deaths of two women, Gwendolyn Jo Lawton and Sheryl Lynn Koroll.

Crown Attorney Matthew Stacey laid out for the jury the evidence the prosecution expects its witnesses will testify about during the trial.

Stacey said the Crown’s case will be based on forensic evidence found in Butorac’s Chevrolet Cavelier and on his shoes.

Stacey said the jury would hear that "Gwendolyn Lawton’s blood was found at several locations in the trunk of Mr. Butorac’s Cavelier."

The jury would also hear, the prosecutor said, that Koroll’s DNA was found in the trunk, on the passenger-side door, and on Butorac’s shoes.

Furthermore, the Crown will try to prove that a tire mark left on Koroll’s wrist came from the Cavelier.

Stacey said the Crown would call several witnesses, including Butorac’s father Frank, to testify that the accused never let anyone else drive his car.

The defence did not make an opening statement. Butorac has pleaded not guilty.

Forty-six-year-old Lawton, of Abbotsford, was found dead off a gravel road in Abbotsford in March 2007. The body of Koroll, 50, of Langley, was found in an industrial area of Langley on July 7, 2007. Both women were involved in the sex trade and struggled with a drug addiction

Butorac listened closely this morning from the prisoner’s box, wearing a white patterned dress shirt, as the trial began with the judge giving opening directions to the jury.

The first witness, a RCMP officer with the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team, described the rural scene where Lawton’s body was found.

The trial continues Thursday.


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